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Hey Readers, this time, it’s all about cruising over the blue waters to distant faraway lands…!Have you ever wondered about being on a Carnival Cruise ship? What Exactly is a cruise ship? And what is the best Carnival Cruise ship?

 Let’s find out.

best Carnival Cruise ship

What is a cruise ship?

Cruise ships are larger passenger ships specially designed for vacationing purposes. It facilitates all the needs of the passengers, including food, accommodation, and entertainment. They are very different from the ocean liners that go on a specific duty on round-trip voyages. These cruise trips allow passengers to go on shore excursions or shore expeditions.

One important thing is that these cruise ships handle a dual-task. They are into the leisure and entertainment business and the transportation business. These ships involve a significant investment and a more considerable operating cost. 

We see that most cruise ships sail the Caribbean or the Mediterranean seas. Other ships sail in Alaska, the South Pacific, the Baltic Sea, and New England. The Caribbean cruising business is one of the most popular and most prominent businesses.

What is a carnival cruise ship?

First of all, dear readers, we wish to explain what a carnival ship means. Mostly the Carnival Cruise lines are called the Fun ships due to the amount of entertainment. It’s non-stop, fast paced and very active.

Also, the ships look more attractive than a typical cruise. They are decorated vividly with very bright colors. The cabins are more spacious. The most exciting part is that they provide various entertainment and options. Most carnival ship Itineraries are based on warm-weather destinations with upgraded water parks, slides, and pools.

Usually, the Carnival ships visit more than 100 ports of call in about 40 countries, letting the passengers and crew explore, respect, and understand new cultures and encourage them to promote better harmony and unity among all societies, cultures, and racial diversities. 

The Carnival Cruise ships are sometimes called Floating hotels due to their luxury. Restaurants, Theatres, pools, Gyms, and even quiet libraries and reading areas. They have a clinic and doctors as well. Have you ever imagined how it would feel to be in one?

carnival cruise ship

What is the best carnival cruise ship?

 Let us dig into more details on these Cruise ships. What do you think is the best carnival cruise ship? Let’s find out.

There is a critical fact that we should mention. Among the number of shipping lines that own carnival cruise ships, the Carnival shipping line is one of the strongest. This shipping line has many boats in their fleet, and most of them cater as the Carnival cruise ships. So, they generally identify as the best cruise ships in the industry.

Here are some interesting facts and tips about some of the top listed cruise ships known to be the best in the world.

  • Carnival Horizon 

Carnival cruise ship that set sail in April 2018. It happily accommodates 3,960 passengers and 1,450 crew members to attend to them. It offers a range of facilities for travelers of all ages. For kids- SkyRide suspended bikes, play at the Dr. Seuss-themed water park, and climb the ropes course are among the luxuries. The parents can be on an adults-only deck and get themselves pampered at the Cloud 9 Spa. The entire family can enjoy live performances and competitions at night.

They have plenty of onboard dining options with several cuisines worldwide. It was the first to offer a teppanyaki-style restaurant and Guy Fieri’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse and Brewhouse. 

It also has a variety of cabins to choose from, depending on the budget. Some are interior staterooms to specialty suites with spa, nautical, and Havana themes. 

This carnival Cruise is a member of Carnival Cruise Line’s Vista-class. It started to sail in December 2019. Also, it is the first new Carnival ship homeported on the West Coast in 20 years. The boat has a capacity of 5,097 guests and a 1,450 crew and is known as one of Carnival’s largest ships.

Among the ship’s facilities is the Sky Zone – a trampoline park. It offers dodgeball and basketball games, toddler bounce sessions, and many more. Other unique features include a suspended bicycle in the air called SkyRide. Like the Carnival Horizon, this cruise has a sprawling water park, the Cloud 9 Spa, an open-air recreation area, and a ropes course.

Dining options onboard have a large variety. The specialty is that this has more than a dozen dining venues aboard Carnival Panorama.

Carnival Panorama has the line’s typical range of standard accommodation classes (Interior, Ocean View, Balcony, and Suite) along with Family Harbor and Havana staterooms and suites.

Havana Cabana Suites are well-packed with unique feature rain showers and patios arranged with hammock chairs, along with exclusive access to the Havana Bar & Pool. It is truly heaven on earth. Also, Family Harbour accommodations are located next to the ship’s Family Harbor Lounge and afford guests special perks, such as a free evening of babysitting and complimentary kids meals in the onboard specialty restaurants.

Carnival Panorama 

  • Carnival Mardi Gras

It is the newest ship Mardi Gras which belongs to Carnival Line. The vessel was launched in July 2021. The Speciality is named after the first Carnival ship entered service in 1972. The specialty of this is that Carnival designed the boat with six different zones, each one having a unique flair.

Kids can play throughout the day in the Ultimate Playground, which has Water Works, and Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster, an onboard roller coaster that travels up to 40 mph. Meanwhile, adults and parents can take advantage of Lido, one of the ship’s pools. There are many more additional activities, including a comedy club, a casino, Family Feud Live, and a spa.

Are you wondering the size of this Carnival cruise? Yes, we know that the facilities it accommodates may indeed make you think how large the ship should be. As you might guess from its large-scale facilities offered, Mardi Gras is quite huge: It can accommodate up to 6,465 passengers and 1,745 crew members for its service.

The ship’s dining facilities are also one of the best. To maintain the demand, the ship has 20 different dining places serving everything from sushi to burgers to fried chicken and what you wish. When travelers need refreshments or a night-time sink, they can come to one of seven bars and lounges.

Apart from all the facilities, the accommodation is also exceptional. After a day’s fun and entertainment, the passengers surely need a good rest. Staterooms are the Carnival Comfort Collection linens with TV s and other essentials. Also, you cannot miss the service of the dedicated room steward appointed for each room. Upgraded rooms have exclusive access to other luxury provided, bottles of water, in-room coffee makers, and priority check-in and disembarkation. The sizes of rooms vary from 158 square feet for interior staterooms to the massive 1,120-square-foot Carnival Excel Presidential Suite.

  • Carnival Vista

This ship was built in mid-2016 and could hold about 3934 passengers and a crew of 1450 members. The boat has unique dining, entertainment, and cabin features not found on other ships. Also, other recreational facilities like kids clubs, an adults-only retreat, and a waterpark, new activities like the SkyRide suspended bike course and the first IMAX theater at sea are very special. Also, it has a Dr. Seuss-inspired library which is also very unique.


The passengers were most impressed with the accommodations provided by the ship. It has the standard cabin categories (Interior, Ocean View, Balcony, and Suite). It also recommends staying on one of the new cabin types: the Family Harbour or Havana staterooms and suites.

Those who select Family Harbor cabins receive an exclusive service like 24-hour lounge access with complimentary breakfast and kid-friendly movies and games.

Is it like super luxury, right? Also, children staying in these rooms can enjoy complimentary meals from most special restaurants and a free night of babysitting where parents can enjoy themselves freely. Havana category rooms are for adults. They have access to a private bar, pool, and vast outdoor spaces with rainfall showers in suites. 

Dining options are full of surprises and variety. You can enjoy all types of food from around the world at this place. Several specialty restaurants are also available, but it incurs an extra fee.

  • Carnival Sunrise

Carnival Triumph’s rebirth underwent significant renovations after 19 years of service. It can accommodate 2984 passengers with 1108 crew members for its service.

After the renovations, the ship received 115 new staterooms and suites, dining venues, an adults-only retreat, a deck-top ropes course, and a revamped water park. It is a pretty impressive makeover.

The ship also has an exciting choice of dining facilities. And the accommodation is mainly similar to Carnival Sunrise. The interiors and the balconies with suit cabins are all set for passenger perusal. After the refurbishment, this ship also owns Cloud 9 spa, free fitness classes, and unlimited access to thermal suits.

The sunrise carnival sails in the Caribbean Sea, passing Miami and Bahamas, a pretty exciting journey across the waters.

Carnival Sunrise

Carnival ships ranked

Have you ever wondered which carnival ship is at the top of the list? Or about their rankings? Yes, it is a vast topic as the ship’s ranking is different. We can check on what’s new. Here we have gathered some helpful information on the carnival cruise ships ratings. Let us see what the hot news is! 

Some carnival ships are listed according to the size of the vessel. So usually, the Carnival Shipping line ships are always on top of the list. Below are some of the best examples of the largest carnival ships. The facts determined are by the size of the deck, the capacity of passengers, and the vessel’s weight.

  • The giant Carnival cruise ship so far is Mardi Gras. It was Launched in 2021, and it is the first of the new Excel Class ships. The weight of the vessel is 180,000 gross tons. Mardi Gras is 35% larger than the next most giant ship -Carnival Panorama.
  • Like the largest, this shipping line also has its most miniature ships. The Fantasy-class ships are Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Elation, Carnival Paradise, and Carnival Sensation. These ships weigh a gross tonnage of 70,367 GT and have ten passenger decks.

which is the most excellent carnival ship?

Also, do you know which is the most excellent carnival ship of all? It is again the Mardi Gras. The newest ship in the fleet has fascinating facilities such as the biggest water park and a large atrium with aerial performers. Do you believe it has a rollercoaster on the top deck?

The studies have classified these Carnival cruise ships according to their age. We were able to gather some information on the oldest and the newest ships that are on service at the moment. The facts are pretty exciting, and let us share the news with you. Do you know which Carnival ship is the newest?

  • Carnival Jubilee will be the third Excel-class cruise ship of Carnival Cruise Line. It is still at its building stage and is fully powered by Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). According to the information. The ship’s weight will be 182,800 gross tons. The capacity of the passengers is over 5,400 with its 1,700 crew members. So, this will be the newest carnival cruise ship.
  • Carnival Fantasy, built-in 1990, was the oldest of the first ships made according to the fantasy theme.

Carnival cruise ships vessel’s amenities and facilities

 Here are a few examples of such sips. 

  • Carnival Glory tops up the lists for its facilities. Elaborate buffet options and the full-fledged steakhouse makes sure that foodies will always be in their element and thoroughly entertained. Service on the ship is consistently excellent. These facts make it one of the best ships with excellent facilities. 
  • Carnival Conquest is the best budget-friendly cruise ship among the best Carnival ships. Travelers get all the style and perks without such a high cost, and that’s something to boast about. The vessels mainly take shorter cruises throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean. And it still provides the best of the facilities to the guests to indulge in comfortable interiors and lots of fun things to do and see.
  • Carnival Vista is famous as a Non-stop action ship. That is what travelers love about Carnival Vista. It sails from Galveston’s port, making it an accessible cruise for people from all over the United States. It is never dull, and You’ll never get bored aboard the Carnival Vista, with facilities that include a unique 4D Thrill Theater and the breath-taking suspended bike attraction. 
  • The Carnival Inspiration ship is gigantic. Also, it holds up to over 2,000 passengers at any time. If you are an activity lover, this is one of the best Carnival cruise ships for you. It has six bars and lounges, a mini-golf course, a video game arcade, and a full-on Waterworks water park. So, this considers as one of the best cruise ships for activities.

Dear readers, above are the rankings and the traveler’s choices for different ships based on the size, activities, amenities, etc. So, I hope you got an idea about the carnival cruise ships ranking in general.

Carnival ships ranked best to worst.

Same as the best Carnival cruise ships, there are worst carnival cruise ships. There are some facts we would like to share with you. We hope you will find more knowledge with it. 

As we all now know, the Cruising industry is one of the most luxurious approaches in the travel and tourism sector. Most shipping companies wish to maintain a high-class standard for their cruise vessels. But not all of them would hit the point of being the most top-ranked cruise ships.

  • Royal Caribbean is a beautiful cruise line with many top-rate amenities, cabins, and excursions. But the travelers and the reviewers are not happy with the ship’s cramped dining spaces and pool, average-at-best food, and the robot bartenders that don’t add much value to the experience.
  • Princess Cruise ships became famous when one of its ships was ranked as “the Love Boat” in the ’70s. Also, its other crafts too were rated at top levels by the critics and passengers. Some earn low marks for their poor design, space-packed quarters, staff shortages, and too-small theatre.
  • MSC Meraviglia is also one of the ships that are low in rank. It is purely because of its Boring food, a lack of exciting activities onboard, and unfriendly staff. 
  • MSC,s Liric, Preziosa, and Armonia are also some of the most miniatures ranked ships due to the same reasons as the Meraviglia cruise.

Carnival ships overall review 

Dear readers, we would like to draw your attention to a few essential facts that will be very helpful for you as vacationers. These facts are based on the general facts considering the recreational, family-based activities you are interested. 

  • Best carnival cruise ship for adults

Carnival Radiance is famous for being the most suitable cruise for adults who wish to spend the vacation with their loved ones. This ship offers the best culinary delights, and the cruise experience is fantastic! Also, there is a sports square and an adults-only retreat for a more tranquil and relaxing stay. There are plenty of facilities for drinks and great food. Romantic evenings, mini-golf grounds, Dive movies, and the comedy club are the main reasons this ship is ideal for adults. Also, the Royal Caribbean cruise line offers the best facilities for Single adults who wish to enjoy their vacations alone.

  • Best carnival cruise ship for couples

There are specialized cruises for couples who look for a romantic getaway. Viking Cruises is famous for more intimate romantic getaways. Fewer guests and a dedicated crew are the key feature of this. Also, Disney and the Carnival cruise line are great options for those who want a small ship romantic experience. Royal Caribbean Cruises is a good option for couples who look for adventurous experiences. The Norwegian cruise line is good for couples who have experience in cruising.

  • Which Carnival cruise ship is the most fun?

Carnival Glory is one reputed Carnival cruise famous for its fun activities. The colorful decor and the color combinations of the entire ship are the main attractions: punchline comedy club, Splash groundwater works, and many other activities to enjoy yourself. You will never get bored if you cruise your vacation in Carnival glory.

Carnival Glory

  • Best carnival cruise ship for partying 

Virgin Voyage’s Secret lady is one of the famous cruises for partying. Legendary music, Drinks, and bands are the most famous. Other than that, the Norwegian Break way has some of the most excellent features, like its unique spaces and the ship’s legendary adults-only White-Hot Party known as H2 Glow at Spice H2O.

Grand Celebration Cruise and the sister cruise Grand Classica are perfect for a weekend stay. It is for party lovers, especially the younger crowd. These cruises offer unlimited food and drinks, Bars, night clubs and the dance floor where you can enjoy to the fullest.

Carnival Fantasy and Carnival imagination are also famous for their fun activity-based itinerary and all its luxury for party lovers. Drinks, dancing, and partying are the main items.

  • Best carnival cruise ships for families

It is one of the areas most travels look for before deciding their vacation plans. If you plan a cruise with your family and kids, below are the best suggestions. As each family’s travel habits are different, it is ideal to look for the best convenient option for all the family members.

Among the kid-friendly cruises, Royal Caribbean ships are best. They are for kids of all ages, and also, they are the best cruises for kids as well as multigenerational family groups. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships have a good selection of family-friendly activities and entertainment — multiple pools, a 3D theater, rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rink, and many more activities to keep the kids occupied.

The Disney Cruise ships are ideal for families with kids ages 4 to 11, and they offer the best facilities, food options, and programs for this age group. Disney Cruise Line has a lot of options to accommodate tweens and teens. But it offers the best cruise for small kids. Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are the best, but the refurbished Disney Magic and Disney Wonder have great choices for Disney family cruises.

So, these are a few facts about the most common concern that travels have.

Carnival freedom vs. Breeze.

 Also, some wonder which is better from carnival freedom vs. Breeze. These two are two reputed Ships. So we thought of sharing a few facts about it. 

Carnival Breeze is a more modern ship than Carnival Freedom. But none of them is particularly new. However, Carnival Freedom is a modified product after a major repair despite being five years older.

Carnival Freedom offers a range of Caribbean itineraries, which are pretty interesting. As the ship repositions, you can take a 16-day one-way journey through the Panama Canal.

Both Carnival Freedom and Breeze have options for Dining. On the Breeze, you’ll have a few unique places to eat, like the Captain’s Pasta Bar and Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que, which includes a fare. You also can eat at the Italian restaurant Cucina del Capitano.

If you’re a sports and activity fan, Carnival Freedom is the better option of the two ships. Carnival Breeze is the better ship to choose if you are a movie lover.

Carnival Breeze and Carnival Freedom are almost the same regarding what they offer for kids. The only real difference is the Freedom they have. 

So these are a few facts for you to decide on which cruise will be the best option to plan your vacation.

Best carnival cruise ship 2022

Dear Readers, several ships are listed as the best ships for cruising in 2022. The Carnival Glory, Carnival Vista, Carnival Conquest, Carnival legend, and carnival sunrise are the top. But certain cruise lines tend to cancel or shorten their tours due to the pandemic, and most times have been rescheduling with fewer passengers. Also below are the cruise ships hoping to start sailing this year.

  • Viking Octantis (January), Viking Polaris (August) 
  • Emerald Azzurra (January) 
  • Wonder of the Seas (March)
  • Valiant Lady (March), Resilient Lady (August) 
  • Discovery Princess (March)
  • Seabourn Venture (April) 
  • Celebrity Beyond (April) 
  • Evrima (May)

If you wonder what the biggest cruise ship right now isit is Wonder of the sea as of January can hold up to 6988 passengers at one go.

If you are planning to sail on a Carnival cruise, it is best to stay alert on the details and news about the ships of your choice.

Anyway, I hope you gathered some exciting and helpful information and tips. I hope you will have a well-planned vacation. Stay tuned with us for more exciting facts!.

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