A cruise ship is caught in the eye of a hurricane

Cruise ship vs Giant wave

There are many meteorological hazards that cruise ships must navigate through, but waves stand out due to both their obviousness and the disorienting effects they have on a portion of the trip. Cruise ship vs giant wave, what would happen? Let’s find out.

Cruise ship vs giant wave

Can a big wave sink a cruise ship? Although there have not been any stories of massive cruise ships sinking, rogue waves have wrecked oil tankers and cargo ships while damaging passenger ships. Additionally, cruise ships are made to resist waves as high as 50 feet (15 meters).

Can cruise ships survive big waves?

Surprisingly, cruise ships are well-equipped to handle any extreme weather at sea.

Giant waves impact cruise ships

There are three reasons why a wave could occur in the sea.

infographic of sea wave, earthquake and wind

  • Impact of the wind on the sea’s surface.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Single, enormous waves.

Wind in the sea is boisterous, fierce, and turbulent. These turbulences cause the motion of the waves in the sea. Earthquakes are another factor that causes large waves. Waves produced by earthquakes are known as tsunamis and often do not affect high-seas navigation.

Solitary enormous waves are not related to the current meteorological conditions or earthquakes. But they have had a considerable influence on maritime navigation and cruise ships, mainly due to ships’ damage.

Tsunami vs Cruise ships

tsunami warning sign

A deep ocean earthquake is the only thing that may trigger a tsunami. The amount of water around the epicenter is moved due to the earth’s crust moving this displacement is proportional to the earthquake’s magnitude. Can a cruise ship survive a tsunami? Although tsunami waves do not typically damage cruise ships, experts concur that you will not likely suffer the same effect while cruising through a body of water. Ships in shallow water can be at grave risk during a major earthquake if there is a strong tide.

Despite the destruction brought on by the tsunami in Indonesia and Sumatra in December 2004, the fact that three satellites could be in the region simultaneously allowed scientists to modify their tsunami-generating models more than ever before.

Many simulations are undertaken on varying size cruise ships with the view to deriving a relationship between the critically significant wave height and the residual stability properties of such vessels.

Read about cruise ship survivability in waves with a full set of time-domain numerical simulations and static calculations for many cruise ships: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/333782257_eSAFE_-_cruise_ship_survivability_in_waves

Has a tsunami ever hit a cruise ship?

Cruise ships crashing against enormous waves has happened before. In 1998, a tsunami about 30 meters high struck Queen Elizabeth Cunard. After seeing it on the radar, the ship suffered minor damage when the skipper turned the ship to face the wave. Similar waves of destruction occurred on smaller ships and container ships.


Can a big wave sink a cruise ship? Even though most modern ships are constructed to withstand them, a tall enough rogue wave might sink a ship. When the situation is cruise ship vs giant wave, the smaller ships are more vulnerable, but they can maneuver better and have a better chance of avoiding the wave’s path.

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