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Ships And Hurricanes: Can Ships Navigate High Seas In A Storm?

Do you know that powerful storms can generate more than 150 mph winds and cause huge waves that can easily swamp a vessel? With their massive size and weight, you might wonder whether ships can survive a hurricane. So, can ships and hurricanes go along? Ships have a chance of surviving if they fill certain boxes.

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Let us find out what they are in detail. 

Ships and hurricanes have to get along, but no one ever asked for it

Can ships survive hurricanes? Yes, they indeed can. But only if they are prepared and equipped to handle the conditions. When a hurricane approaches, ships must take many precautions to ensure their safety.

Change the course

radar screen when a vessel altering the course


Where do ships go during a hurricane? The ship captain should determine the storm’s path and make any necessary changes to their course to avoid the worst weather. If the ship is at sea and cannot avoid the hurricane, they must prepare the vessel and crew for the storm. This includes securing all loose items on deck, closing all portholes and doors, and battening down the hatches. The crew should wear life jackets and be prepared to abandon the ship if necessary.

What happens to ships during a hurricane?

Can ships go through hurricanes? When a ship gets caught in a hurricane, it can be an intense and terrifying experience. The winds are strong enough to snap masts, rip sails, and push the ship off course. The waves can be towering and unpredictable, making it difficult for the crew to keep the ship steady. The rain and salt spray can cause visibility to drop to near zero, making it nearly impossible for the ship captain or crew members to see where the ship is going.

Sailing through the rogue sea

A cruise ship is caught in the eye of a hurricane

Despite these challenges, ships have been designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions of a hurricane. Nowadays, ships are equipped with heavy-duty moorings, sturdy hulls, and deep keels that help keep them stable in the water. The crew also has the training to handle difficult conditions, from navigating through the storm to performing emergency procedures if necessary. So, can ships sail through hurricanes? Yes indeed, they can.

The terrible wind

One of the biggest challenges for ships during a hurricane is navigating against the wind. How ships sail against the wind? With the wind pushing the ship off course, it cannot be easy to keep it moving in the desired direction. To counter this, ships use navigation techniques, including adjusting their course and speed and deploying sea anchors. These techniques help keep the ship on course and prevent it from being pushed too far off course.

What is the connection between hurricanes and sea breezes? Along with the high winds and rough seas, hurricanes also bring sea breezes which can add to the difficulties that ships face during these storms. Sea breezes are winds that come off the sea and into the land, making it even more challenging for ships to sail against the wind. The winds can create rogue waves and further hinder the ship’s progress.

Cruise ships and hurricanes

A cruise ship is caught in the eye of a hurricane


Hurricane season is a particularly challenging time for cruise ships. People use these massive vessels for comfort and luxury, not for battling the elements.

How do hurricanes affect cruise ships? It depends on the cruise ship’s captain’s decision. When a hurricane occurs, cruise ships must make a difficult decision: continue with their itinerary, risk getting swept up in the storm, or alter their course and miss out on scheduled destinations. But every time, the safety of the passengers and crew is always the top priority.

Safety on a cruise ship during a hurricane

Cruise ships include various safety measures that help them avoid and survive a hurricane, including detouring to safer waters, slowing down or stopping altogether, or seeking shelter.

ships and hurricanes
safety equipment in a ship

Why don’t ships sink during a hurricane? – Ships and hurricanes

Ships can withstand the conditions of a hurricane. Their hulls are designed to be strong and flexible, allowing them to weather the waves and wind. Despite the risks, ships have been sailing through hurricanes for centuries and have developed many strategies and technologies to help keep them safe.

Why ships don’t sink?

Nowadays, many cruise ships have advanced navigation systems to help them avoid the worst weather. In addition, they have backup power systems and lifeboats that can help the passengers and crew evacuate in an emergency. But cruise ships and other smaller vessels are often more vulnerable to the effects of a hurricane and must take special precautions to ensure their safety.

Hurricanes and slave trade

The slave trade and hurricanes have a dark history, with slave ships often facing the brunt of such natural disasters and causing immense loss of life. Hurricanes have had a significant impact on history and have had a profound effect on the lives of seafarers who have come into contact with them.


Can ships and hurricanes go along? Yes, they can, but it takes a lot of work. Hurricanes are known for their high winds, heavy rainfall, and powerful waves, which can severely damage ships, but modern ships can withstand such conditions to some extent. Ships must try to sail around the storm or seek refuge in a port or safe harbor. If a ship goes through a hurricane, it must be prepared for the conditions and have the plan to handle any emergencies that may arise.

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