Remembering the Beauty of the sea! Titanic compared to a cruise ship

Titanic compared to a cruise ship –Hello readers! Here we are once again, with a super exciting topic. The legend of the Sea “Titanic”! As soon as you hear the name, we are sure most of you are curious to know more details about Titanic. The mystery lies in the sea bed from the day the ship sank. So let us share some important facts about this great ship which met its tragedy in 1912.

As soon as you remember Titanic, with the modern-day shipping industry, the first thing that we retain is its size. Have you ever imagined the size of the Titanic compared to cruise ships? Let’s look at more facts. But before that, we feel that it’s more exciting and relevant to refresh our memory about this great legend of the sea.


A brief history of Titanic.

The Titanic was the most famous luxury ship and the largest moveable artificial object. The ship met with the disaster on April 15, 1912, off the coast of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic. The records mention that Over 1,500 of the 2,240 passengers and crew lost their precious lives in the disaster. The cause so far revealed is the ship hitting a massive ice burg. It remains a deterrent tale of the arrogance of builders of their creation could ever be flawless or invulnerable to harm.

First-class passengers who traveled on the ship were some of the wealthiest and most influential people of the time. Most of them included people in business like John Jacob Astor IV and Benjamin Guggenheim and members of the upper classes, and even athletes.

Many who traveled as second-class passengers were tourists. The group included professionals such as teachers and clergy. A team from Harland and Wolff traveled as second-class passengers with some staff of the first-class passengers, like chauffeurs or nannies.

The passengers who traveled in third class were mainly immigrants heading to America to start their lives afresh. They came from various places across Europe, such as Ireland, England, Scandinavia, and Jewish migrants from Eastern Europe. A significant number of passengers also came from Lebanon.

Features of the excellent Ship Titanic.

As we all know, Titanic is unique for many of its features. As all of you are curious to learn more about this topic, we think it is the right moment to share a few interesting facts about this ship. It is mainly related to the built structure and facilities offered to the passengers.

The records say that the ship had a heated hot water swimming pool for its s passengers for a warm dip. Also, they say that the boat had three elevators, and it was more convenient for the passengers to travel around the ship. As the number of passengers was massive, this would have been a good option. Also, the ship’s library for all the second-class passengers was one of the unique features. It is known to be a well-stocked library with all the good reads. 

titanic water swimming pool

The gym was another unique feature that made this ship a special one. The gym was not only for the adults but also for the children. The grand staircase was mentioned as the most classic feature of the ship. Its Beauty in the wooden carvings of the railings gives more value to this luxurious Beauty. Also, the records say that the café of this ship had natural ivy growing from the walls. 

These unique features have added real value.

The first-class passengers were blessed to enjoy the luxury fully. Titanic had 39 private suites at the ship’s top, allocated to the high-end passengers. They consisted of 2 large bedrooms, two walk-in wardrobes, and a bathroom. According to the reports, they also had a spacious living with room for guests. Suites cost up to £870, equivalent to £79,000 today!

The facilities offered for the second-class passengers are different. The second-class accommodation on the Titanic consisted of cabins with bunk beds. Each cabin had two beds or four. In total, there was enough room for around 550 passengers. These cabins didn’t offer private bathrooms but a common washing area. But inside, there were sinks and mirrors installed, and the bed linen was changed every day.

Passengers in the second class had a spacious outdoor promenade, a smoking room, a library, and a dining room. They served Afternoon tea and coffee in the library of the ship. The dining room had space to occupy 2,400 people at one time. And a pianist would entertain the diners. All of the furniture was mahogany decorated with crimson red upholstery and pivoted lights to add a bit of glamour to the atmosphere.

The third class…

The third class was much more essential, with minimal facilities, but passengers still enjoyed a high level of luxury compared to other ships used for traveling back that day.

The available room was where most passengers gathered, talked, and socialized. There was a piano for passengers to play their music in the evenings. There was also a male-only smoke room paneled and furnished in oak with teak furniture.

Third-class passengers had the meals in their dining room which could seat around 470 passengers in 3 rounds. The food was simple and simple but plentiful, consisting of rice soup, biscuits, roast beef, and fruit. On most other ships, third-class passengers had to bring their food which was sufficient to last for the entire journey.

With over 1000 third-class passengers on board, accommodation was basic. Cabins slept up to 10 people. They were located at the noisy bottom part of the ship close to the engines. Single men and women were separated in the front and back rooms, and the families were in the middle. There were only two baths for everyone to share in the third class!

Titanic Vs. cruise ship

Most of us were very curious to know about the size of this ship. You must be surely thinking about how big was the Titanic compared to cruise ships? We have already drawn comparisons in our minds. So we always wonder about the size of the titanic compared to the cruise shipsLet us analyze and see the facts about the size of the vessel. And it is very timely to draw the comparison of titanic vs. modern-day cruise ships.

Here are some facts about Titanic. How big was the Titanic compared to a cruise ship that sails today is one of the common concerns? To be specific, the Titanic was relatively small compared to a modern-day cruise ship. Like the Oasis-class line of cruise ships, modern-day cruise ships are more significant than the Titanic. They are about a third longer and twice the width of the Titanic.

According to records, the RMS Titanic was 882 feet (269 meters) long and 92 feet (28 meters wide). Today’s cruise ships, such as the Oasis-class cruise ships, measure more than 1,180 feet (360 meters) and more than 200 feet (61 meters) wide.

Titanic Vs. cruise ship

Below are the details of Two other famous, modern-day cruise ships:

The Allure of the Seas is renowned as one of the giant cruise ships, measuring 1,187 feet (362 meters) long and 215 feet (66 meters) wide. Being one of the most famous cruises, the Symphony of the Seas spans 1,184 feet (361 meters) long and 215 feet (66 meters) wide.

How big was the Titanic compared to cruise ships?

We also thought it would be fair to share some important facts related to the size, passenger count, and the facilities of Titanic with some of the other modern-day ships. So here we share some essential points on titanic size comparison reported about the modern-day cruise ships worldwide. We found that most of the facts compared with the Symphony of the sea, a top-rated modern-day cruise ship. Let’s dig into more details. 

Symphony of the seas vs. titanic.

The Titanic’s measured weight was 46,328 in gross tonnage compared to modern cruising vessels weighing 113,525 GT. The Symphony of the Seas, a top-rated modern-day cruise ship, tips the scales at 228,081 GT.

The length in the total of the Titanic measures 883 feet. When compared to modern cruising vessels, they are 980 feet long. Again, the most popular, The Symphony of the Seas, is 1,184 feet from end to end.

A ship’s “beam” is essentially its width. From side to side, the Titanic is 92 feet in its width. The beam of a modern cruise ship today is 119 feet. The Symphony of the Seas is 137 feet.

We found some interesting facts to share when discussing the ship’s passenger capacity. The facts report that the Titanic held a total of 3,353 individuals. The crowd included 2,453 passengers and 900 crew members. Note that the Modern cruise ships have an average capacity of 3,077 cruisers and 1,203 crew members. The cruise, which is recognized as the largest cruise ship globally, the Symphony of the Seas, has a capacity of 5,518 passengers. The vessel has 2,200 crew members to serve these guests for 7,718 people on board.

The Titanic ship had a maximum speed of 23 knots. For our non-maritime readers, that’s roughly 26.5 mph. But today, the typical cruising vessel has a max speed of 29 knots, and Royal Caribbean’s largest ship maxes out at 22 knots. Titanic vs. Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Titanic vs. Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Same as Symphony, the Royal Caribbean, too, is one of the giant cruise ships. Here is a little comparison that we can draw between the titanic and the Royal Caribbean.  

The Titanic is 269 meters long…

The Titanic is 269 meters long. If we compare her to the current fleet of Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the Titanic would be longer than one ship and shorter than all the other ships that belong to the Caribbean. 

If you compare the ship’s capacity to the Titanic, the Symphony of the Seas can accommodate 5,542 more people than the Titanic. Also, the only area that Titanic has Symphony of the Seas beat is speed, but that is also not by much. At 25 MPH, Titanic’s max speed is 1 MPH faster than Symphony of the Seas. In terms of other facilities, the Titanic’s squash court and smoking rooms were famous among its guests, but one of the most impressive features was the ship’s grand staircase. It is wrought iron and has a glass dome with a large chandelier.

So dear readers, this clarifies your concern, “is the Titanic small compared to modern ships?”

Titanic vs. carnival cruise ship

When you compare the carnival ships with the Titanic, there are some interesting facts. As Carnival has several cruise ships, below we share some interesting points about the comparison of Titanic with the carnival cruise ships. We hope you will find it interesting.

The Titanic was 46,328 tons, 882 ft 9 in long, 175 ft tall (keel to the top of funnels), and had nine decks. Below is its comparison with the largest and the smallest ships of the Carnival ship fleet.

 The Carnival Fantasy cruise ship is about 70,367 tons, 855 ft long, and has ten decks. But it is about the same length but double the bulk.

 The Carnival Horizon, known as one of the biggest, is 133,596 tons, 1,055 ft long, and has 15 decks. It is about three times as heavy, 300 feet long, and almost twice as tall as the Titanic. 

So we now clearly see where the Titanic stands when comparing a modern-day cruise ship to the titanic.

Was the titanic the most giant ship in 1912

Well, dear readers, this is one of the main concerns of most of us. According to the records found, the Titanic was the largest and most giant ship built. Before the Titanic, the largest ship considered was the Olympics. Till the year 1911, the world thought it the most significant ship. But then Titanic soon fetched that name as the biggest passenger ship globally. But the sad truth of the story is that Titanic could not enjoy its fame for a long time due to its accident.

Titanic size comparison chart

While gathering the information, we thought it would be easy and necessary to share the information and facts on the size comparison. Below is the chart we were able to comply with all the relevant information at one point. The comparison was made against the most modern cruise ship, the Symphony of the sea.

  RMS Titanic Symphony of the Seas
Year Built 1912 2018
Length 882ft (269m) 1,184ft (361m)
Width 92ft (28m) 215ft (66m)
Height 175ft (53m) 238ft (73m)
Internal volume 46,328 gross register tonnage (grt) 228,081 gross tonnage (gt)
Passengers 2,435 6,680
Crew 892 2,200


Biggest cruise ship in the world 2021

When you think of the biggest cruise ship in the world in 2021, we should say that we have a few options for this. The comparison can draw different aspects like the weight, length, facilities offered, etc. We can bring up quite a few examples of this. 

Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship recorded so far. It is also the most luxurious cruise in today’s shipping industry. The vessel is only slightly more significant than the sister ships. But it is enormous compared to other ships. Also, Symphony is twice as tall as Titanic, double as wide, and 100 m longer, making her five times bigger than Titanic.

Royal Caribbean cruise ship

The next in line is the Harmony of the seas. It was the first vessel where the air bubbles technology system was introduced (the system can generate a constant flow of air bubbles around the hull to reduce resistance). There are more interesting facts about the size of these vessels as well.

You can imagine how big the ship is by the below point. As there are more than 6 500 guests on every cruise of the Harmony, they usually cook more than 5 000 dozen eggs, make 100 gallons of chocolate ice cream, 2 100 pounds of lobster tail, and 2 500 pounds of fresh salmon during a 7-days tour. It is essential to mention that they have got about 1 300 staff for catering on a cruise ship to manage it all. So, we hope you can imagine the size of the ship by the information.

The Allure of the Seas…

The Allure of the Seas, which belongs to the same Oasis-class vessels owned by Royal Caribbean, is the next biggest cruise ship. The records say that the ship is just 50 millimeters longer than the Oasis. Also, the two vessels in the family are almost identical. Did you know that Allure underwent a massive refurbishment in 2019? The ship is now well equipped with the latest amenities of its class.

I hope many of you are familiar with the name Oasis! It is the first of the Oasis-class vessels, which is now a trendsetter in cruising. The Oasis of the Seas was initially made in 2009. It underwent a stringent refurbishment in 2018. 

The management first introduced the ‘neighborhood’ concept- meaning that the vessel classifies under theme zones. Due to this, the administration provided more space for guests literally. So, crowds do not get annoyed by the formidable number of people on board. The ship had some unique features to offer. Giant slides, a bionic bar, a surf simulator, and the Central Park are some of the luxuries on the list. 

There are some interesting facts about the size of the Oasis class. The ship was built in Turku. So, it had to pass the Great Belt Fixed Link bridge to come out from the Baltic Sea. Surprisingly the bridge was not as tall as the cruise ship. So, the crew had to dismantle telescopic funnels and reach the bridge at 22.5 knots to use the squat effect.

Can a cruise ship sink like the Titanic?

Titanic still has its record as the most famous ship that sank. But remember, cruise ships can sink, especially if they hit a coral reef or an ice burg. But some accident does not threaten the lives of the passengers. Since the Titanic s disaster, significant technical, navigation, and communication systems were developed and restored in most the famous cruise ships.

The sea will always be an unpredictable and dangerous ground for any ship. The weather can also threaten the stability of the vessel. So the unpredictability of the wind and the waves can cause so much damage to the ship. But with modern technology, most of the ships are well in line with standing against the predicted dangers. So the chances of losing passenger lives today take a very low rate.

When you think of the Titanic, one would wonder could a modern ship survive an iceberg? Thanks to the current radar systems and the navigation tools, the modern cruise ships are well equipped with all the needed technology to save the vessel from sudden accidents. 

But cruise ships can still sink. For example, disasters like the Costa Concordia prove that even sophisticated technology can’t completely prevent every disaster the ships meet. According to the reports, colliding with an object in the water can cause a cruise ship to sink. Even though it is not reported with the cruise ships, the rogue waves have destroyed the container ships and tankers and damaged passenger ships.

Dear readers,

We hope you found the article interesting. We thought it would be helpful to share these interesting facts about the Titanic ship compared to all the famous cruise ships today. But the facts about the Titanic amaze us. The facilities it had offered the passengers were very up to the standard. Also, the ship is still on par with all the modern facilities provided on other ships like Carnival and the Symphony of the seas. The swimming pool with hot water was one of them. Also, the room and accommodation facilities are another essential facts to consider. You must have wondered, “Is the Titanic small compared to modern ships?“. the facts we shared are simple enough to give you a clear picture.

When you think about how big it was the titanic compared to a cruise shipit is clear that there are several modern ships to beat the tremendous titanic. But still, the features and the technology are somewhat close to the modern-day technology used in these latest popular cruises.

We have drawn a few comparisons with the most popular cruise ships. We hope you readers can get a glimpse of the size and the other features of the titanic vs. modern-day cruise ship.

Titanic taught us some lessons. These are more useful to all the readers who are interested in sailing. One important fact is to stay away from outdated standards and requirements. The next is to train the staff as necessary to suit the modern requirements and standards. Also, the vessel should have the needed adequate tools and protection. Emergency backups are always essential with any cruise ship to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Wrapping up.

The ship s management informs the needed agencies, and protocols have to be set. Many lessons have been learned from the 1,500 lives lost on that frightening night. Much of the disasters can minimize lessened by increased training and appropriate personal protection. They should set Correct standards s on requirements for emergency procedures— maritime safety has a lot improved now. Many lives have been saved or refrained from danger due to these precautions.

So dear readers, we feel the information shared is valuable and exciting. Stay tuned for another compelling article on your favorite shipping subject!

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