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I am Thiwanka Weerasooriya

I am a seasoned seaman in Sri Lanka who enjoys the sea as much as life. I completed my shipping course at Mercantile Seaman Training Institute in Galle, Sri Lanka. I successfully completed Pre sea training deck course and now I am an Able-Bodied Seaman. I started sailing since 2016 and it has been an adventurous journey ever since. My years of experience as a seaman has collected a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sailing and shipping. It is my ultimate objective to share the amazing experiences I have had in the past to educate the sailing community. I intend to share the various challenges, opportunities, and experiences I have faced over the years. I strive to engage, educate, and share what I know about shipping and sailing. As a seasoned sailor in Sri Lanka, the amount of expertise and knowhow I am sharing is amicable. Through this website, I wish to share the experiences I have had all around the world through sailing. I want to educate aspiring sailors, those who love the waters, what a beautiful world it is out there in the sea. Through this website, you will be able to know the technical aspects of sailing, as well as the environmental aspects. Under the sea is a different world and if you are blessed to see it, it is worth the while. Throughout this website, you can gather information on how to sail, steps to take, gear to wear, what to do, and what not to do.