Cruise Ships vs Aircraft Carriers – Which One Is The Best?

Cruise ships are famous worldwide for entertainment. They carry thousands of passengers, providing them services of a luxury hotel on the sea. Aircraft carriers are costly, and only certain countries have them. So, cruise ships vs aircraft carriers, who has more power in the sea? 

Let us find out.

Cruise ships vs aircraft carriers: which one rules the sea?

Cruise ships

Traveling on a cruise ship is a fantastic experience anyone can have on the sea. Cruise ships can include more than a thousand passengers and travel them to their desired location in a luxurious trip. Do you know that the “Wonder of the Seas” cruise ship can hold 6,988 guests in addition to 2,300 staff members?

Cruises are currently a very popular form of tourism all over the world, and businesses involved in the industry are continuously working to attract new customers by providing luxurious, cutting-edge products. It is amazing to view the size of the ship. And it is much more amazing to go on it and enjoy its inside, which is like a miniature floating metropolis.

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Aircraft carriers

An aircraft carrier is a ship with a flight deck that serves as an airport for taking off and landing aircraft. The aircraft carrier is a sign of power among the most powerful military in the world. It enables the global deployment of military aircraft without relying on fixed sites because it has a full-length flight deck.

aircraft carrier(drone shot)
Drone Shots of USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier. Photo by Jaxon Matthew Willis

Here are a few facts about why Aircraft carriers are so powerful.

  • The US Navy used two freshwater aircraft carriers to train its pilots during World War II on the Great Lakes.
  • A single US aircraft carrier possesses an air force more potent than 70% of all nations combined.
  • The aircraft carrier of the Nimitz class can function for twenty years without refueling.
  • The Gerald R. Ford Class, the newest class of US aircraft carriers, has a daily operating cost of $7 million.
  • Only France, outside the United States, has ever constructed an aircraft carrier fueled by nuclear energy.
  • Producing an aircraft carrier will cost $4.5 billion.
  • Aircraft carriers can accommodate 90 aircraft.

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As you can see, both ships have a higher value in each field they operate. Let’s compare to see who has more power on the sea.


Let us take two ships from each side to see who thrives in this category. Harmony of the Seas from cruise ships and USS Gerald Ford from aircraft carriers.

  • Harmony of the Seas
    • Length (OA) – 1187 ft.
    • Width (Waterline) – 155.6 ft.
    • Draft – 30.6 ft.
    • Displacement: 120,000 Metric Tons
    • Decks: 18
  • USS Gerald Ford
    • Length (OA) -1106 ft.
    • Width (Waterline) – 134 ft. (Flight Deck)- 256 ft.
    • Draft – 39 ft.
    • Displacement: 100,000 Metric tons
    • Decks: 25

By being 81 feet long, the Harmony of the Seas easily surpasses the USS Gerald Ford in length. Although it is 21.6 feet wider at the water’s edge, Ford’s hull has a large flare to make room for the flight deck and aircraft lifts, which significantly outweighs that measurement.

Over 30% more water is drawn by the USS Gerald Ford than by the Harmony of the Seas. The USS Gerald Ford, the aircraft carrier, is the victor in the size category due to this indication of its bigger bulk.

aircraft carrier and cruise ship

Cruise ships vs aircraft carriers – Dimensions

For this comparison also, we will use data from a few of the newest and largest ships in both classes. The Royal Caribbean cruise liner Oasis of the Sea and the US aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford. Weight and length are factors considered in this comparison.

Both measure approximately 1200 feet in length. (Ford 1106, Oasis 1186)  However, the Oasis of the Sea weighs 225,000 tons as opposed to Gerald Ford’s about 100,000 tons. The USS Gerald Ford is smaller than the Oasis of the Sea. Cruise ships would triumph in terms of dimensions.

Advantages of cruise ships vs aircraft carriers

Cruise ships

  • You do not have to travel from one place to another or unpack at every hotel, which makes it incredibly comfortable.
  • On board the ship, all services are accessible.
  • Cruises offer kid-friendly activities and events that are included in the price for people traveling with kids.
  • Compared to a typical trip, you can visit more locations while seeing well-known tourist attractions.
  • Encourage social interactions
  • Diverse activities to suit every preference.

Aircraft carriers

aircraft carrier

  • A portable base that can be positioned wherever there is an ocean.
  • Can fight at any time and have a lot of portable fire powers.


In regards to cruise ships vs aircraft carriers, they both have their triumphs in different areas. They both offer their respective nations numerous benefits. Both cruise ships and aircraft carriers are distinctive in their respective industries. And they both rule the sea when they are developed in their way.

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